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Workflow Max Job Management Software

Workflow Max is a brilliant piece of cloud software that supports job management for service businesses.
It’s reasonably priced, relatively easy to implement and so simple to use that even most of our business owners that are technophobes grow to really dig it.


Job Management Software for Service Businesses

Our clients using Workflow Max are all service businesses.

They operate in Design, Photography, Marketing, Signage, Architecture, Engineering, Building Construction, Health Services and the Consulting industry sectors.

The Workflow Max system is currently used by more than 5000 businesses worldwide.


We Love Workflow Max

We’ve been in love with the Workflow Max software for use in small to mid-sized businesses since 2011. Xero management showed a vote of confidence too in Feb 2012, by purchasing the company. So Workflow Max is Xero owned, supported and integrated.

We Love Xero’s Involvement

Xero’s involvement is an extra big strategic confidence booster for us, and business owners. As Xero users and lovers too, we know how sweetly our lives have been enhanced by their beautiful software. Workflow Max as a product that is definitely in good hands for the future.

Yes, Speedy Implementation

A Workflow Max implementation can be done in record speed comparative to other job management systems.
Our first installation for a client with 10 employees was done in less than one work week. With good prior planning, the implementation can be a breeze.

Highly Customisable

The Workflow Max software is highly customisable on implementation which supports the majority of service-based business process flows. Once it’s up and running, you can access it anywhere there is an internet connection. And you can use it on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Supports End-to-End Process Flows

Your team can capture Leads and produce Estimates, Quotes and Proposals quicker than you currently have a tea break. Once work is awarded, it is just as simple to generate your Jobs and Projects, and then manage the components like Timesheets, Purchase Orders, Invoicing and Client Reporting.

Promotes Quick Learning

We have found the most attractive thing about the Workflow Max software is most users can get their heads around super quick. That’s a major benefit when you are looking at rolling a whole team of employees onto a new job management system. And the online support provided by the Workflow Max ninjas is fantastic. 

Getting Started with Workflow Max

We’ve found a robust and speedy Workflow Max implementation involves three key activities:

(1) Demonstration or Discovery , (2) Build and (3) User Training

  • Ask for a Demonstration before you buy to help determine if WorkflowMax is the best fit for your organisation.
  • Ask for Discovery, if you have already implemented WorkflowMax and need advice.
  • Ask for support to Build WorkflowMax, and shortcut the learning curve and hours that may potentially be spent trying to work things out.
  • Ask for Training tailor-made for your team to help with effective use of software in your organisation.

We offer advice and assistance to businesses evaluating and implementing WorkflowMax. We can come to you in the Perth metro area and work virtually.

If you’d like to get started with Workflow Max in your service business, contact us.

Contact us

A Little Ray of Sunshine introduced our Agency to Workflow Max 3 years ago. At the time we had our own in-house program for tracking timesheets, jobs and costs, which gave us basic information. When we were shown Workflow Max, we immediately saw how we could use it to improve the processes and profitability of our agency.

A Little Ray of Sunshine assisted us with implementation and training, which was a very smooth process. Workflow Max is the whole package, from Quotes to Invoices, Job Tracking to Job Costs, Timesheets and Financial Reporting. By having Workflow Max we are able to monitor each project whilst it is in progress and see at a glance if it is on schedule and within the budget.

We thank A Little Ray of Sunshine for telling us about Workflow Max and highly recommend them.

Julie Dennis, Media on Mars

We at Go Graphics have always relied upon the advice of Lisa at A Little Ray – for as long as I can remember! Being a business that always strives to improve ourselves in our systems, processes and also our signage work, we are ever evolving and a large part of our success in doing so can be attributed to Lisa’s input.

Lisa introduced Go Graphics to Workflow Max in early 2013, initially to track and manage our sales leads. Since then, we have slowly but surely integrated Workflow Max throughout our entire business, from Sales to Production to Accounts. We have been able to eliminate the paper job card system that had been integral for the past decade in business. The benefits to all staff have been profound – I love being able to access job information from anywhere, track progress of work, and using reports from a management point of view has been awesome. This sort of information and knowledge was never easy to access with our old paper system. Our electronic client database has grown to a massive 3500 contacts since we began, and we can now use this in direct marketing.

I can’t wait to integrate more of the power of Workflowmax and plug-ins into our business, as we develop further. I can’t thank Lisa and Claire enough for their service, expertise and patience over the past couple of years.

Clint Meldrum, Go Graphics

Reporting and business management has been made accurate and easier since implementing Workflow Max. Training was outstanding with a quick response time for ongoing support.  A Little Ray of Sunshine turned on the light for our business!

Pippa Moodie, Aurenda

Before WorkflowMax we were managing our business through the email inbox, calculating jobs on excel spreadsheets and preparing written quotes on a word document. We had no management system for end to end sales process and it was difficult for a team of people to track even the progress of our leads. We love that all this information is now handled within WorkflowMax, it makes it infinitely easier to track leads, generate quotes, manage jobs and follow up activities. Our customer service is incomparable to life before Workflow Max.

Shelley Leary, Photography Project

Overall we are very happy with the Workflow Max program, particularly from a business management point of view as well as managing the team. One of the key features is using the time sheeting options and managing the team’s tasks. I also like how it integrates with Xero. Training with Lisa was very good; she was very knowledgeable and clear about WFM’s capabilities. We are very happy with ALR’s service and how they stay in touch. 

Wayne Dufty, DNA Architects

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