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Strategic Plan

Do you have a big picture direction for your business?

Many business leaders we see are unable to clearly articulate where the organisation is going.

Therefore, there is no clear filter in place to easily know what you should be doing, and more importantly what you shouldn’t be doing. When do you say ‘No’?

Many leaders are stuck … in the gravel.

Not because they want to be there operating every day in the detail. They get caught because they have no big picture filter and slip into reactive mode. Unfortunately, it’s a predictable scenario.

Gravel or Blue Sky?

When you have been in the gravel game too long, there’s an internal knowing that kicks in. Blue sky and clarity is needed. At some point, this becomes a pressing need.

Cue focus on a big picture direction. We also know it as a Strategic Plan. It’s your yes/no filter in business.

Create your Yes/No filter

A clearly articulated big picture direction gives you clarity. It confirms when to say no, and when to say yes. And gives you gears to drive a business forward.

A Strategic Plan is very different to a classic Business Plan or an Action Plan. It’s essential for established businesses, who wish to be around long term.

Less than 10% of businesses have a robust Strategic Plan

After 15 years of working in the strategic plan space with businesses and not-for-profits, we know more than 90% won’t have a big picture direction.

Many business leaders have thought about it, a lot. They know instinctively it’s a good idea to have one. It’s something they have probably attempted numerous times.

It is not something that comes easily. It’s hard as one person to come up with all the answers, or trying in groups if not facilitated well.

We seldom see robust strategic planning processes embedded in businesses.

It’s difficult to do. Especially while you are existing in the gravel. It’s far easier to implement with access to independent eyes and skilful help.

Grocery Shopping can be similar to Business

You know when you do a weekly shop at the grocery store or the farmer’s market unprepared. You rock up and everything looks good. It’s all fresh. There are seasonal specials.

You buy up with good intention. You have lots of bits and pieces that you guess will make great meals once at home. Each ingredient is delicious and good for you.

Seven days later, before you go shopping again, you are throwing much of that once fresh produce in the bin. You didn’t get to use it. With no recipes in mind when you shopped, you ended up with too many bits and pieces that didn’t work together.

Without a food plan prior to going shopping, this pattern may repeat, over and over again.

It’s similar in business. Without a clearly articulated big picture direction you say yes to everything that looks good for your business. And if history repeats itself, much of it won’t hang together and help you long term.

Next week will probably play out the same way. Not much will change, unless you come up with a new recipe.

Business Strategic Plan recipe makers

We are strategic plan recipe makers. We work alongside you to create your big picture direction. It’s your Yes/No filter.

We’re a well-oiled team of business whizzes who are used to rolling well together. Our work, research, time with you and intuition are all key ingredients. Out of this falls your recipe.

It is a sizable time commitment, investment and change undertaking for most businesses. And we’re told it’s worth every conversation, iteration, facilitation and drop of sweat.

Client love

Dear Lisa, Shelley and Chris,

I just wanted to again thank you all for your great work, and your inspiring, nurturing way of helping us to become better people and a better team. I’m so very happy with what you’ve produced – it’s real, it’s strong, it’s achievable, it fits.

I thought Friday’s discussion proved what a success your work is because the discussion was about fine‐detail adjustments. The strategy is easy for me to believe in, and I feel it will be for most others, too. We will do all we can to encourage and enable others to believe in our new approach and direction with a positive and collaborative mindset.

Kind Regards,

Ben De Marchi
Taylor Burrell Barnett Town Planning & Design

A Strategic Plan is very different to a classic Business Plan or an Action Plan.

It’s essential for established businesses, who wish to be around long term.

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