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Love Projects

No motivation needed to love business more! To be honest we’ve done many Love Projects over the years. This isn’t a new thing for us.

The difference is to date we’ve kept them under the radar.

We’re outing ourselves! We want more opportunities to do good. We want to work with five businesses in 2018, who feel like they can really use our help.

There’s that song that goes … what the world needs now is love, more love. We totally agree. And we heart spreading love! It just makes perfect sense to us; we love business, we love people and we love results.

We’re ready to flow more of the L-O-V-E stuff.

Collaboration Wins

In business we know this to be true. And in our light-filled Freo space, we dwell daily with the creative team at Photography Project and 485 Design. We’ve been co-working and collaborating for 9 years. It is rare for us to work in isolation. Together truly is more.

Business Challenged?

We’re looking for businesses with challenges we can help resolve in short time for a big bang.

The criteria for us:

  • You are challenged in business in some way. It may be direction, being clear on your purpose, being attractive to customers or clients, knowing how to market, how to move with changes in the market, how to grow your team, or just knowing simply with clarity what in the heck you do next (coz’ you have a whole lot of ideas in your head)
  • You do good for people, and good for the planet. This is important to us. We want you to explain your contribution to the world so we get it, and can help you contribute.
  • You have been in business for a while. Preferably a long while. Bare minimum 18 months. And you are happy to let us look over financials, confidentially of course.

Tell us what it is that you are facing, that feels insurmountable to resolve.

How Does it Work?

Think of winning a Love Project as crowd funding. Except instead of winning cold hard cash, you win access to clever living breathing business loving humans. Our co-working team! Winners get to work with us and receive a download of honest, enlightening business assistance. And then a boost from a warm hearted team for free!

Together we work with you for a short, sweet period. We’ll announce the winner. Then we’ll collect some business info from you and have a look at what is happening in your market sector. We’ll then determine options that are available to solve the business challenge you are facing. This will culminate in an all hands on deck, 1 day love-in, that focuses on your business. It’ll lift you and give you the action plan to rocket the business to a new level.

We’ll be pretty hands on. We are a team of logical, rational and creative thinkers. A well-rounded group for problem solving. And you’ll see results … for us words aren’t enough. Visuals catapult you there.

Your Entries

Entries for Love Project No. 1 open Friday 1 December 2017 and close Sunday 14 January 2018 at midnight. We then select a lucky winner on Monday 15 January 2018 at 12 noon. The winner commences with us in February. Details to follow for the lucky winner.

We’ll open entries here for further Love Projects in 2018 in February, April, June, and August.

Are You In?

Yes? Yeeehhhhaaaa! Simply fill out the entry form below. To register we need the basic details. And don’t be limited by a web form. We love pictures and videos just as much as you do!

Send us what you’ve got to convince us you need our Love Project.

Enter here

  • Tell us why you need our Business Love.
  • Drop files here or

Who We Have Loved (and Still Do)

Habitué Restaurant

We heart this charmingly, delicious place with gentle jazz! Habitué Owners Therese & Gary are hospitality wizards – known to fly under the radar too. Incredible at what they do. Our taste buds seduced, we slid in to work with their team of all-stars for a quick burst in 2017, to raise the venue’s visual intrigue across the inter webs. Delicious food, silky smooth cocktails, juicy wines and gentle jazzy tunes. Pure joy!

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