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Business Systems FAQs

What benefit can I get out of a new business system?

The first and foremost benefit of a business system is that your team have an easier way to work. If a business system doesn’t make it easier for your people to do their job, it may be challenging to notice the other benefits, such as improved reporting and organisation of jobs.

We ask questions about your business processes to assess what is repetitive and what can be automated, what parts of the process can be sped up by software and how can we reduce duplication.

Systems typically come with other benefits too. Such as:

  • Integrated enquiry, job management and accounting software;
  • Easy communication tools for internal and external communication;
  • Understanding of job profitability;
  • Resource management; and
  • Most systems are in the cloud, so they can be accessed anywhere.

How long does it take to build a new business system?

Generally a system build can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months. This varies depending on the software and business processes that you need implemented.

For a smaller business (up to 10 people) a system can be built in around 2 months, including System Discovery and System Implementation. Read more here.

For larger small or midsize businesses of more than 10 people, rolling out a new system can take 3 months or more. Typically here, we’re talking about implementing a sales and project management system, and we walk through System Discovery and System Implementation.

There are a few key factors that come into play when we build a system:

  • The business system itself plays a big part here. If the system is complex to build, it takes longer than an out-of-the-box software option.
  • Availability of a key person who can make decisions on your businesses preferences in the system is also a key factor. There are always parts of a system build that you need to be close to and inform us about, so continued key person availability does impact the project timeline.

What business processes does a software tool support?

Readily available software tools that come prepacked with features typically focus on sales management processes and job management processes, including sales invoices, high level job scheduling and task management, and purchasing.

There are tools that provide greater flexibility to add alternative process flows to this mix. This might include team communication and collaboration, safety management, document sharing, stock and inventory management, human resourcing processes and many more.

Our System Discovery service helps identify what your business system needs from a software tool.

What do I need to know before we start a business system project?

The System Discovery approach is all about getting a good foundation sorted for your business systems project. It is your first step towards a System Implementation.

Or you might have done some of your own internal review and research that informs the set-up Action Plan. Our approach can be flexible to suit you.

If there was one thing that you could come armed with to a Systems Discovery, it would be your frustrations with the current way of working. Most of the time this is common knowledge, but ask around your team first. This helps us to focus on what to improve from your current approach.

What if we started with a software trial and now we are stuck?

Many software solutions like WorkflowMax offer short-term free trials. It’s a fantastic way to get a feel for how the software works.

It’s important to have a plan going into a software trial, especially one that requires you to do a system build to test its functionality. Sometimes if you don’t have a plan, using the software is confusing.

That’s where our team comes in. If the software program is one we work frequently with, we can give you guidance on how to optimise it for your business. If it isn’t one of our usual software programs, we can work with you to identify the benefits and whether it is a good fit.

Our team understand the way that software works to enable business systems and we can compare similar software tools for you.

What if I need business process documentation like a User Manual?

Whether we are involved in building your business system or not, we can help to create and update your process documentation. With a business system, new and existing team members typically need a User Manual.

Ideally all team members have a user friendly learning experience with a new business system and ultimately, you then achieve consistency in use across the operation.

We can develop a User Manual that meets the relevant quality certification requirements for your business.  We’re happy to chat more about this as an option, if this is what you need.

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