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Is a Business Immersive For You?

First, let’s make sure you’re in the right place.

This is not for you if you are in start-up land or a publically listed company. This is for those who are swirling somewhere in the middle.

You may be an owner who started from scratch umpteen years ago. Or you may be a manager who reports to a Board. You’ve been around in business for a while, and have the basics down.

You’ve had the tough experiences. So… You… Are… Motivated. People’s livelihoods are depending on it.

Know You Need Business Help

When it comes to business help, there is the world of Google, business workshops, courses, coaching and consulting. We’ve done it all.

We love business. We love helping people. And apparently, we’re good at it – 15 years in the consulting and coaching game means something.

In all cases where we’ve seen businesses continue to struggle, there have been two missing ingredients – big picture direction and successful implementation.

Business success depends on your ability to see and embrace the future, and take the right action to realise it.

You can spin your wheels for months and years.

A Revitalising Way To Immerse In Business Help

People want help with what they can do tomorrow.

Sadly, we’ve seen Band-Aid tactics elongate the pain for too many good people. ‘Success’, and there are various definitions, is slow going for most.

What you don’t need from us is more to do; you need help doing.

This is a Business Immersive.

It’s a more robust way of supporting you to achieve. In fact, this works so well we don’t offer business workshops, coaching and consulting upfront anymore.

A Business Immersive is now the only path in to work with us.

Less Small Talk Up Front, More Action

Over the years, we’ve spent a scary number of hours on the phone, catching up for a coffee and a chat and having intro get-to-know-each-other meetings.

While this is nice, we’ve traded it all in and now we only roll up our sleeves and get to work. You’ll thank us later.

What is A Business Immersive?

It’s a short and sweet big picture direction and successful implementation planning session. There are two parts to it, the download and the doing, and we can roll from start to end within 4 weeks.

First, we get you to ‘Download’ all your current business thinking. Then through conversation, we establish what you believe is the big pain point that is holding you back.

You continue to go about daily business while our team then work through your business thinking. We look at it from multiple angles, pose many questions and distil the big picture direction.

When it comes to big picture direction, most people struggle with either knowing what the direction should be or being able to clearly articulate it to the team. Most big picture documents we receive from businesses are just action plans or to-do lists.

We know from experience that having a crystal-clear stake in the ground on who you are and where you are going is the most valuable thing. We start here as this will shape everything moving forward.

Second, we plan your ‘Doing Session’ to resolve that big pain point that has been holding you back. Rather than sending you away with work to do and questions to answer, in the Doing Session we group huddle and nut it out together. It will be the easiest ‘doing’ in the world for you.

With a clear big picture vision on where you need to go, we then figure out the best thing for you to do
… and then the next best… and then the next best…

At the end of the Doing Session you have a big picture direction and we’ll have mapped out a prioritised implementation plan to roll forward. When you know you need help with taking action, we can do it for you and support you to be accountable through business coaching from the sidelines.

The Business Immersive takes longer upfront before we meet, it costs more and most importantly for you it can save you months and years of hit and miss.

Rather than sending you away with work to do and questions to answer, in the Doing Session we group huddle and nut it out together.

When I went looking for a business consultant to talk to about strategy and marketing, A Little Ray of Sunshine were recommended by a friend. Their Business Immersive gave me answers to questions I didn’t know I had, which is a result of the thoroughness of their process. We spent time on the phone and then a day in their office which was like having someone pull back the curtains on my small business… I saw my own systems in a whole new light and suddenly the path ahead became obvious. I find it easy to get lost in the details when I’m head down in work, which is all the time; I would recommend ALR’s Business Immersive to anyone who wishes they could get a bird’s eye view instead.

Phil Yates, Versatile Plant Hire and Contracting

Business Immersive FAQs

All focus is geared toward solving your biggest burning issue in business. The one pain point that when you narrow it down, is the thing that is causing you the most grief every day.

When we encourage you to narrow your focus in this way, we’ve found we can help business owners to get a big step change improvement in the way they think and do business.

Many business owners and managers struggle to articulate the big picture direction (business strategy). This is the most common issue we see in our client base. Moving thoughts from heads, and systematically on to paper so it can be communicated to teams, is a real challenge.

Most other issues can flow from this primary issue:

  • Marketing and sales are two other pain points for business owners and managers. To be able to clarify marketing and sales direction, the goals and action plan must cascade or flow from the big picture direction. If that is missing, we can’t do too much until it is sorted.
  • We see a lot of people issues that have been bubbling along and then reach a crescendo, which triggers a call for help. Mostly, these situations relate to strengthening leadership & culture, and not having clear job role descriptions and boundaries, and limited communication of the business vision and goals.
  • Operational ease is another issue we see a lot, and that can be related to outdated systems and processes. Again, this comes back to what is the big picture and how do systems need to support your team in 3-5 years time.
  • Financial results are also another area we look at, although we believe ‘financials’ are a result of doing business. So, if the financials aren’t looking great, it usually leads us back to either big picture, or marketing, sales, leadership and culture, or systems.

To us it doesn’t really matter what challenge presents first as the red-hot issue for solving.

With our multidisciplinary team and approach, we always deal with big picture direction and then the operational challenges.

Yes.  If marketing is your biggest pain point, then that’s what we focus on.

In some cases, we may need to do more pre-work to understand your big picture direction, so the Download may take more time. We can let you know once we see what you can download for us to work with.

To be clear, a Business Immersive doesn’t replace business coaching. It now precedes it.  We start everyone with a Business Immersive, and you can then choose to roll into an ongoing business coaching engagement.

Since 2003, we have provided coaching or consulting to small to midsize organisations. We have typically worked with owners and managers regularly, in weekly to monthly sessions.

Our focus has always been to look at current state, agree on a desired future state, and develop an action plan to get there.

Business success always depends on the business owner or manager’s ability to:
1. See and embrace the future, and
2. Take action to realise it.

Success is slow going for most in small to midsize organisations because creating space to do 1 and 2 above is a constant prioritisation challenge. 

We have been determined to find a faster way to help clients.  A Business Immersive is our solution.

You can now step out of the daily doing and redefine the future, so the business can be different in 12 months’ time.

Depends on the burning business issue we’re resolving and number of people from your business who are involved. Usually 2-4 weeks from start to end.
Our team is bought together based on the key business issue you have that needs resolving.

It will always be a multidisciplinary team and approach. We work collaboratively as a group of business specialists. Practitioners of different disciplines (e.g. Strategy, Leadership & Culture, HR, Marketing, Sales & Customer Service, Systems & Processes, Financial, etc.), each providing specific viewpoints to you as the owner or manager.

For this short, speedy and focussed way of working, the sum of parts is much stronger.

You walk away with a clear understanding of what to do, and simple big picture direction (business strategy) and action plan documentation that allows you to easily communicate with your team and others who support you in business.
If you have been in business for less than 3 years, you probably won’t be able to wrap your head around why a Business Immersive is beneficial.

Most people in Start-Ups believe $500 +GST for a business coaching session is expensive. If that is where your head is, then this is not for you.

You need to have lived in business for a while to experience the pain of spinning your wheels for a few months or years. Once you have been there, the fee for a Business Immersive won’t be a hurdle. Then it’ll be time to book in.

We can.

In the past we have worked with accounting, procurement, HR and marketing teams within big companies. These days, we generally choose not to work with functional teams within bigger businesses unless there is a compelling reason.

Motivating a group of good people who have been spinning their wheels for a while to achieve something extraordinary in business, would be a compelling reason for us. If this is you, then let’s chat some more.

Depends on your burning business issue to be resolved and number of people involved. As a guideline fees are typically:

  • Midsize (20-99 people) $10,000 +GST
  • Smalls (5-19 people) $5,500 +GST
  • Soloists (1 person) and Micros (2-4 people) $3,500 +GST
The next steps after a Business Immersive are:

  1. Quick Wins implementation
  2. 90-Day Action Plan implementation.
  3. We can step into the Business Coaching role and become your sounding board. We’ll keep you focussed and accountable.

For 1 and 2, you can DIY or engage us to do it for you.

We always walk through your next steps at the end of the Business Immersive.

I wasn’t even sure I was in the right place. Small business, a few years along the track. Plan in place, me trying to cover service delivery, development, marketing, systems, contracts, social mediaaaaahhhhh…. Could I justify engaging consultants to act as my team? I mean, is that something I should do? Honestly, I was sceptical about whether people outside my business would get me, get my values, get my vision. The Sunshine Team nailed me. From the minute I took my first phone call to the day we had the Business Immersive session, we were on the same page. This team did their homework, they understood me, where I was coming from, what I wanted to develop and deliver in my local community. Instead of working in isolation, I now have an awesome team that I love and that really get me. Hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself and my business. I only wish I’d found the ALR  Team sooner.

Karen Neville, First Breath Art and Wellbeing

Ready To Move Forward With A Business Immersive?

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