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What We Know Led To A Business Immersive

After 15 years in the game, offering a Business Immersive became obvious.

When you are running an established business, you have no time. And you’ll likely have a team depending on you … to get things done.

Good people that’ve been in business for some time are c-o-n-s-u-m-e-d with being busy. They don’t have the mental or physical space to think bigger picture or articulate a strong direction and embed it into their daily activities.

Where we’ve seen people continue to struggle, there’ve been two missing ingredients – big picture direction and successful implementation.

It’s the tin can scenario … can’t read the label when you’re stuck in the can. 

“Like having someone pull back the curtains on my small business…

I saw my own systems in a whole new light.”

Phil Yates, Versatile Plant Hire and Contracting

Business Immersive - A Little Ray of Sunshine Business Consultants Perth

Stuck in the daily detail. You’re oscillating between survival and success, or success and growth. It feels like ground hog day.

You know you need help.

When it comes to business help … there’s the world of Google, online training, business workshops, courses, 1:1 coaching or consulting.

The problem with help options is there’s always always a-l-w-a-y-s implementation work to do. It needs to be fitted in. And, it rarely if ever gets done.

We’ve all attended an awesome workshop or paid for a new beaut online course at some stage … and filled up on great ideas at the time, and n-e-v-e-r got back to doing it.

We’ve seen people feel good at the end of a monthly 1:1 business coaching session because there’s clarity, an action plan and hope. This can quickly turn to anxiety if you’re not doing the things you need to do, to get traction (aka get your money’s worth).

We see too many good people struggle for t-o-o long.

You can spin your wheels trying and not fully implementing for months and years.

The variable in business improvement and growth is always one’s ability to successfully implement the action plan. We see the odd *unicorn* that implements well and achieves great results. Most of us get swallowed by whatever hits us tomorrow.

What’s A Business Immersive?

A Business Immersive is a leapfrog solution for owners of small businesses (1 to 19 people).

It happens over a 4-week period and business owners contribute 2-3 days in total. It’s business coaching & consulting commitment from us, to solve a BIG pain point for business owners so they upgrade to a new level of business thinking and operating.

Whether we’re working with a soloist, or an owner who has up to 19 people in the team back at HQ, the Business Immersive is designed firstly to give clarity on big picture direction. Secondly, we do a big chunk of work toward solving your BIG pain point. Finally, we get you involved. We’ll spend a day sharing and tweaking what we’ve done, and moving you through a successful action plan implementation to get you to the next level.

It’s a way of working that renews enthusiasm and allows easy communication of change required with your team and others who support a business. It’s the fastest way we know to get things done. To move businesses forward. To achieve step change.

We work with 5 businesses each month.

Business Immersive - Business Consultants Perth

What Pain Points are Resolved?

Many business owners struggle to articulate the big picture direction (business strategy).

This is the most common issue we see in our client base. For 93% of clients, moving big ideas and thoughts from heads, and systematically on to paper in a way so it can be easily communicated to teams, is a real challenge.

Every other issue flows from this:

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales direction, the goals and action plan must flow from the big picture direction. If the link is missing, not too much can be achieved to improve marketing and sales results until it’s sorted. A large 87% of businesses we see, approach us with this as the major pain point that needs resolving.

Leadership, Culture, Team

We see a lot of people issues that have been bubbling along and then reach a crescendo, which triggers a call for help. Mostly, these situations relate to strengthening leadership & culture, and not having clear job role descriptions and boundaries, and limited communication of the business vision and goals.  In 33% of clients, this is the big pain point.

Systems & Processes

Operational ease is another issue we see a lot, and that can be related to outdated systems and processes. Again, this comes back to what is the big picture and how do systems need to support your team in 3-5 years’ time. In 47% of clients, this is their major pain point.


We believe ‘financials’ are a result of doing business. So, if the financials aren’t looking great, it usually leads us back to either big picture, or marketing, sales, leadership and culture, or systems. In 62% of clients, this is presented to us as the biggest pain point.

To us it doesn’t really matter what major pain point presents as the issue for solving. We’ll always deal with big picture direction and then the operational challenges.

Pain Points

Big Picture Direction 93%
Marketing and Sales 87%
Leadership, Culture, Team 33%
Systems & Processes 47%
Financials 62%

How Does A Business Immersive Work?

It’s less small talk up front, more action.

Over the years, we’ve spent a scary number of hours on the phone, catching up for a coffee & chat and having intro get-to-know-each-other meetings.

While this is nice, now we roll up our sleeves and get to work. You’ll thank us later.

There are 3 parts to a Business Immersive; the Kick Off, Download and 1-day Doing Session. We roll from start to end within 4 weeks.

First, we’ll ‘Kick Off’ with you. This starts with a scene setter conversation by phone. Then you’ll provide us with your business details, complete a confidentiality agreement, and provide advisor access to your business financials. We’ll send instructions on how to share files and communicate with us.

You’ll tell us in writing or on audio about the biggest pain point that is holding you back. The one thing that is causing you the most stress every day. We find getting you to write it or talk it, really helps you to focus in on the big issue. We’ll also get you to do a few exercises that help us to understand why you’re in business. We’re curious about your values, strengths and capabilities.

Next is the ‘Download’. This starts with locking in a date for the 1-Day Doing session. Then we’ll get you to brain dump all your current business thinking.

Our team will do a preliminary business review. Then through a 1-2 hour phone conversation with you, we’ll zero in on what you believe to be big pain point holding you back. It’s a healthy 2-way conversation to fully tease out anything we should know prior to your session.

We’ll then continue with a deeper business review. We’ll look at your business from multiple angles and distil what we see as the big picture direction, and an action plan to solve your pain point. We’ll then complete some critical action plan items to leapfrog you forward.

Designing the 1-Day Doing Session comes next. We’ll prepare the day’s agenda and all materials and documents needed to facilitate the doing with you. We’ll then send you a 1-Day Doing Session Agenda, so you know what to expect.

Lastly, we’ll gather in one place for your ‘1-Day Doing Session’ to resolve that big pain point that has been holding you back. We’ll walk through the day’s agenda and what to expect. Then we’ll share what we know, and what we’re here to solve. We’ll group huddle and nut it out together. It will be the easiest doing in the world for you.

We’ll facilitate the collaborative problem solving. Walk you through the progress we’ve already made. And through further easy going 2-way conversation, whiteboard drawing, and sticky noting on the wall we’ll tweak things to reflect your valuable input on the day.

With a clear big picture direction established on where you need to go, we then figure out the best thing for you to do… and then the next best… and then the next best…

We’ll do live updates to documents we’ve prepared in advance and iterate them on the run.

At the end of the Doing Session, we’ll have solved the big pain point and successfully moved you forward. You’ll have clarity and know how to keep rolling with renewed enthusiasm.

Within 2 business days of the Doing Session, we’ll finalise and provide all digital documents to you.

The next steps after the Doing Session are then up to you. You’ll be set to go!

You’ll know what to do in priority order and can DIY. Or if you know you’ll need our help to keep taking further action, for an additional fee through Business Coaching we’ll support you to be accountable and can either take action with you or for you.

Alternatively you can do a Business Immersive once a year, twice, or quarterly. It’s your choice.

We’ll support you to move forward at your chosen pace.

Who Should Do A Business Immersive?

Let’s make sure you’re in the right place.

This is not for you if you’re in start-up land. You need to have lived in business for a while to experience the pain of spinning your wheels for a few months or years. Once you have been there, it’ll be time to book in.

This is for those business owners who’ve got a small team of up to 19 people. You may have started from scratch umpteen years ago. You’ve been around for a while and have the business basics down.

You’ve had your share of tough experiences. So… You… Are… Motivated. People’s livelihoods are depending on it.

“This team did their homework, they understood me, where I was coming from, what I wanted to develop and deliver in my local community. Hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself and my business.”

Karen Neville, First Breath Art and Wellbeing


Why A Business Immersive?

A revitalising way to immerse in business help.

Elongated business coaching doesn’t cut it anymore. People want help with what they can do tomorrow. So, we distilled a download, learning and doing to it’s very essence; a Business Immersive.

Sadly, we’ve seen Band-Aid tactics elongate the pain for too many good people. ‘Success’ in business, and there are various definitions, is slow going for most.

What you don’t need from us is more to do following a business session with us; you need help doing.

This is a Business Immersive.

It’s a more robust way of supporting you to achieve. In fact, this works so well we don’t offer monthly business coaching sessions upfront anymore. We know from 15 years in the game, it’s the slow road.

Business Immersive is now the quickest path to success.

Who Works with You?

Our experienced consultants.

In a Business Immersive you’ll be working with 2-5 of us in our team.

We have 135+ collective years of business experience.

Everyone in the team is an innate problem solver.

We have business improvement in our DNA.

Working together, we’ll find solutions to your pain point.

We bring expertise from business strategy, brand strategy, leadership & culture, HR, marketing, sales, pricing, customer service, systems & processes, financials and more.

You’ll collaborate with us, ask questions and get feedback during the 4-week period in phone calls, via support emails and during the 1-day Doing Session.

Read more about us here.

Rather than sending you away with work to do and questions to answer, in the Doing Session we group huddle and nut it out together.


What’s the Investment?

The Business Immersive is for owners of small businesses (1 to 19 people). The fee ranges from $4,000 to $20,000 +GST. We do offer payment plans. We also provide an opportunity for a handful of businesses to do this through our Love Projects during the year.

Our fees are based on the number of ingredients in the mix. We look at the complexity of the pain point, the intricacy of the solution and the number of people in the business who need to be aligned to the final outcome. Businesses of a smaller stature have easier pain points to solve.

The more ingredients we have to work with, the trickier it gets to make the recipe work. We’ll always succeed. It’s just that the way we do things needs to be a bit deeper and more considered. So the Business Immersive is more expensive for larger and more complex businesses.

When you opt to invest in improvement and growth through our Business Immersive, we know it’ll save you months and years of hit and miss. It’ll leapfrog you ahead.


You’re it

$4,000 +GST


Team of 2-4 people

$7,500 +GST

Small Small

Team of 5-10 people

From $10,000 +GST

Large Small

Team of 11-19 people

From $20,000 +GST

Ready for A Business Immersive?

If our Business Immersive sounds like it’s for you, let us know below.

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