Business Story: Vital Wellness Pilates

Meet Vital Wellness Pilates

A boutique Pilates studio in Perth CBD, Vital Wellness Pilates, encourages sedentary workers to find a wider range of movement for wellness.

Their vision is to provide Perth businesses large and small with a trusted and specialised corporate wellness program.

The high-quality program includes both education and customised group Pilates sessions at the workplace, which specifically address and combat the effects of sedentary work.

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Vital Wellness Pilates Business Story

Business Owner Jodie Tapper has been teaching Pilates for over 7 years. Today, she is a fully qualified practitioner holding an Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, which is the highest level Pilates qualification available in Australia.

Before Pilates came into her life Jodie worked as a full-time Marketing Executive where she suffered daily headaches, shoulder and neck pain, which was accompanied by stress and anxiety.

Her tipping point was when her doctor recommended a surgical procedure to treat the symptoms of her pain but never considered addressing the cause, which was easily treated with specific regular body movement.

Prior to leaving her full-time job, she was recommended to try Pilates as an alternative to relieve the pain and she has never looked back.

Jodie started Vital Wellness Pilates due to her own personal experience with headaches, stress and shoulder pain.

She was inspired to provide a corporate service given the substantial number of Pilates clients who were suffering from similar ailments and relying on daily pain killers for relief.

vital wellness pilates

What makes it all worthwhile for Jodie?

Jodie has fallen in love with helping others to heal their own body through movement.

Helping clients to improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing is what fuels her passion!

Watching her clients improve week by week is something Jodie feels is an absolute blessing and is grateful to be able to help her clients in this way.

vital wellness pilates

A fun fact about Vital Wellness Pilates

The company Jodie leases her studio from are all about taking unused and rundown locations and turning them into vibrant creative spaces. This is how she came to own her very own Pilates studio!

Outside of Pilates, Jodie is big on spending time on things that light her up, especially bushwalks and spending time with her partner and her English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

More on Vital Wellness Pilates

Vital Wellness Pilates have recently turned one and they are only just getting started!

You can see a little behind the scenes action and learn more about this business through their Instagram and Facebook page. Their website is soon to be launched later this year.

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