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Meet Precision Therapy

At Precision Therapy in South Fremantle, Janette Palladino, helps people move through emotional life experiences to be their best self. Precision is a qualified and experienced practice, specialising in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). They also treat a wide range of other emotional conditions.

Throughout our lives, everyone faces emotional trauma of one kind or another. As a result, it impacts in different ways.

Often, we’re are not aware that many of the issues and symptoms we’re feeling are the result of an underlying and unresolved traumatic life event.

Precision Therapy is a big-hearted business that address pain through one-on-one counselling, retreats and workshops.

Precision Therapy

Precision Therapy Business Story

Business Owner, Janette Palladino, is often approached by people around her asking for solutions to all sorts of problems they’re experiencing.

Being an empath, Janette discovered that she could feel the pain of people around her.

Coupled with her natural ability in counselling, mentoring and teaching she went into business. Guided by her supportive mentor, Matt Kahn, she’s learnt how to distinguish the difference between her own feelings and those of others.

Janette’s been on an amazing journey through life to date; where she’s experienced pain and opportunities. Life experience has given her the tools to discover her true life’s purpose.

From being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress herself, she realised in order to move forward and experience a joyful life – she needed to face the inner fears holding her back.

After an on-line course What Ever Arises Love That ~ A Love Revolution by Matt Kahn, she healed herself. That’s when she made the decision to start up Precision Therapy.

Precision Therapy

What makes it all worthwhile for Janette?

Janette is highly passionate about inspiring and empowering her clients. Turning people into the best version of themselves, for themselves.

Janette takes great pride in comforting her clients, explaining there is nothing wrong with them and instead walks them through their journey and a set of bad events.

Seeing each client’s demeanor change completely is something she very much enjoys witnessing.

Precision Therapy

A fun fact about Precision Therapy

Janette loves to begin each day with a positive affirmation blessing. This ensures she aligns her will and service with Divinity.

Janette also shared her biggest secret to success! She describes being successful as being joyful, accepting a given situation and always having enthusiasm.

More on Precision Therapy

Find Precision Therapy through their website here, Instagram and Facebook.

Precision Therapy are ‘Guardians’ to guide clients along their journey to becoming a better version of themselves.

Precision Therapy

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