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Business Workshops

Workshops For Start-Up Businesses

Perth Metro

In Perth city, the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) business workshops support people intending to start a business or who are in start-up mode.

The workshops are:

These workshops are brilliant and worth attending to fill up on the business fundamentals if you are starting out.

Once each year in August, Curtin University, through the Centre for Executive Education run a week long program called Curtin Ignition for people with a specific business idea for a new or improved product or service.

Regional WA

In regional WA, there are a variety of workshops to help people start a business that are run by Small Business Centres (SBCs). If you live outside the Perth metro area these workshops are definitely worth checking out too.


Workshops For Existing Businesses

Business workshops for existing businesses wanting to grow are available in the Perth metro and WA regional areas, thanks to state and federal government funding. Get along, it will be to your advantage.

Perth Metro

In Perth metro area, funded workshops to help grow a business are run by:

Also check in at your local Chamber of Commerce:

Regional WA

In regional WA, funded workshops to help grow an existing business are run by Small Business Centres (SBCs) and private industry providers.

Workshops Tailored For Existing Businesses

Currently we are also tailoring business workshops for organisations in the Perth metro area. They extend business concepts learnt in the SBDC and SBCs workshops and Growth Owner and Growth Manager programs. We dig a bit deeper into ‘how to’ detail and teach from experience.

We have enjoyed great success with small business audiences due to our simple presentation and honest communication style.

Please contact us if we can tailor a workshop for your business. And let us know if you would like to see a business workshop where you dwell. If we can make it work for your locality, we will.

Entrepreneur Courses For Existing Businesses

Business Foundations is the only place in Western Australia with business development programs for privately owned existing businesses. The programs are:

These business development programs are unique in Australia. Each course typically run for 12 months and provide great learning and networking opportunities for those owners and managers in small to midsize businesses.

What customers are saying

Feet First Podiatry
Feet First Podiatry is a family owned and operated foot health service. We’ve grown steadily and we’re optimistic about continued steady growth in services. We owe a considerable debt of gratitude to the Achieve More Online (AMO) team for their easy to understand, honest, enthusiastic presentations and assistance over the last 3 years. We got on line! It took some convincing and gentle persuasion but the AMO team were very supportive.

Fern & Wes Huck, Feet First Podiatry

Melville Naturopathy
I needed to increase the traffic to my website and conversion to clients. I wanted to know how to measure my traffic as well as create useful, well-presented communication media (email newsletters, SM updates, etc) for my audience. And I really just wanted to learn from a RELIABLE source. There are an incredible amount of blogs, eBooks, courses and ‘gurus’ online that will tell you they have the answer for increasing traffic and conversions, but I just had a niggling feeling they weren’t as reliable and reputable as they should be. When I attended the program workshops I immediately felt reassured that I was listening to real people who are local experts in their chosen fields.

Kate Warner, Melville Naturopathy

Wray Integrative Health Care
The Melville Digital Enterprise Program workshops that I attended were invaluable for helping to grow my business. I have a much more focused business model, a clearer direction on what I do and how I do it but more importantly in how I promote myself.

Sasha Wray, Wray Integrative Health Care

Ashley Peverett Design
The sessions provided by Melville Digital Enterprise Program would have to rate with the best I have experienced.

The program ran over several weeks and was designed to cover most aspects of web design and e-commerce.

It is obvious that all presenters are masters of their trade and the topics and information provided related well to all the participants. Each presenter provided clear and concise visual aids as well as back up printed reference material. A wide variety of businesses were represented by the participants and each presenter took time to answer individual questions to suit the differing requirements.

I would certainly recommend the services to any business needing help and advice.

Pamela Grabau, Ashley Peverett


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