Business Story: Little Polkadot Pantry

Meet Little Polkadot Pantry

You’ll be sure to taste these delightful artisan marshmallows at stylish Perth weddings, events and corporate workshops.

The Little Polkadot Pantry’s marshmallows are handmade in little batches using quality ingredients – that take us straight to dessert heaven.

With an aim to delight one customer at a time, the business also strives to do their good share too for the world. In a short 20-month existence, they have already been supporting a number of local charitable organisations.

Little Polkadot Pantry

Little Polkadot Pantry Business Story

Business owner Shenay Barua has always had that inner creative streak inside of her.

Over the years of working and travelling to many different places, it kindled a desire to combine her creative urge with something special that can delight people.

Once she discovered that little marshmallows have the power to do just this, she jumped at the opportunity!

The Little Polkadot Pantry can cater for weddings, events, workshops, whilst also creating custom orders.

Shenay can also be found mixing it up with some wonderful creatives at the Perth local markets.

With tastebud delighting flavours ranging from rose water, salted caramel, mint chocolate chip to cookies and cream – this business has certainly taken marshmallows to a whole new level!

With each bite, Shenay’s passion and dedication is apparent. You can taste how much work and love has gone into each marshmallow creation.

Little Polkadot Pantry

What makes it all worthwhile for Shenay?

The Little Polkadot Pantry thrives on the ability to be creative, the opportunity to envision something special and then being able to bring it to life!

Shenay will occasionally get an enquiry from the other side of the world.

Which makes her do a happy dance when these same people actually travel to Australia and come find her in sunny Fremantle.

A fun fact about Little Polkadot Pantry

When Shenay first started out in her business venture, she selected some recipes and sought to see if she could replicate the results.

After hiring a commercial kitchen, she went to work on testing and tasting. Soon Shenay realised the end product looked very different to the original recipe image and what she had imagined!

She has since come a long way since those early days. We can attest she has perfected the heavenly marshmallow morsels! This is confirmed by other tasters too with business is experiencing a 500%+ revenue growth year on year.

More on Little Polkadot Pantry

The Little Polkadot Pantry can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Often posting daily delicious treats that get our mouths watering!

Shenay also supports a number of charitable businesses, such as Love Thread Project, Telethon Kids Institute, CEO Sleep Out and Cord Fundraiser just to name a few!

Photos by Little Polkadot Pantry.