Lisa Reed: Who Am I?

My Life Purpose and Calling

From a young child, I have always been a crowd pleaser. Not in a loud or obnoxious manner. I am more of a smooth mover. In all the places and spaces I have been, I’ve always been the harmoniser. The one uniting the room.

While I was studying at university, I worked as a life guard at the local pool. This is where I got the nickname ‘smiley’.

To this day, I still get called smiley by people I meet. More recently by our building manager – who is appreciative of that fact I am always bringing a smile with me wherever I go.

This world definitely needs more smilers.

I know my calling in this life is to raise human spirit. I can do this naturally just by being myself. It’s not that difficult, I don’t have to dig deep – I just grin.

It’s a very humbling feeling and just know with that simple action, you can change the colour of someone’s day. Children do this, and they know it all too well. As adults we tend to forget.

My Business Vehicle

I have a wonderful and spirited team of talented and capable individuals. Together, we are more.

We work with founders and owners of established privately owned businesses. They sit between start-ups and big corporates.

Most of the businesses had some level of success. Typically, when they find us they are looking for our business smarts to help move their business to the next level.

It’s a great pleasure to work with such kind hearted and fun people. They respect us for what we know, we respect them for what they have done. We co-create, we celebrate, and you move forward.

My Job Role

My business is called A Little Ray of Sunshine. I’m known as Chief Little Ray and I’m a Business Consultant.
I love to illuminate potential within business and their people.

My role is very much student and teacher of business. After being in and observing business for the past 25+ years, I am no longer surprised by how much I still learn daily. I’ll learn forever. I’m grateful for that. It’s enriching.

I’m very aware I have to experience the wobbles in business to be able to teach honestly. This is what keeps it real. I can very much relate to the business owners we help and are working with. I’m living what they are.

When I share the best path forward, I’m speaking from experience. I’ll look at your situation, draw on what I know and paint a picture for you. Sharing knowledge this way is easy. It’s living knowledge.

One of the greatest moments for me is seeing the people we’re working with lift. These are the moments that I live for.

My Biggest Learning

At 25 years old, I had a life plan. It was all mapped out until I turned 40. Safe to say, it didn’t work out as planned!

I’ve been so very grateful for the bumps, wobbles and surprises that I have encountered along the way. It has led to a pathway that has been so much better than I ever could have imagined.

Since I turned 30, I’ve held onto a vision and goals. I’ve decided to be much looser on the how to steps. Instead just focusing on the bigger picture and direction. I teach this to all the clients we work with.

My Future Hope

More ease from now on in my workday. I’ve done the hard yards. I’m all for enjoying a more concentrated work schedule which then allows for more play outside of work too. More work/life balance.

My hope for people is that we’ll find kindness in our hearts. Love, peace and harmony too. More unconditional love on earth is required.

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