Business Story: Cirqlate

Meet Cirqlate

Based in South Fremantle, Cirqlate is an artisan upcycle collective that promotes and sells personal accessories and homewares created using recycled materials.

Their products are made by local artists who are passionate about the environment and want to help contribute to a more sustainable way of living. Their collection includes jewellery, accessories, bags, wallets, bowls and mats.

Cirqlate operates primarily as an online store, as well as appearing at pop-up stalls and markets around Perth.


Cirqlate Business Story

During her time in Germany, Business Owner Charlotte Kenyon was moved by how people deeply concern themselves with the environment and the planet.

When Charlotte returned home to Perth, she was inspired to live with the same awareness that she experienced in Europe, encouraging others to think more sustainably alongside her.

Wanting those around her to become influenced with how waste can become something new again. All by using materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

She made it her mission to support local artists around the Perth community who were seeking ways to introduce their products to market.

Cirqlate was launched in early in 2017 with the help of the NEIS program at Business Foundations.

Charlotte has since been on an exciting journey of discovery, where she has met new artists, learned new skills and helped to create a positive impact on the community.


What makes it all worthwhile for Charlotte?

Since launching Cirqlate, Charlotte has met many new and exciting people in her community. People who are just as passionate about their environment as she is.

Feeling like part of a community who cares about the environment and are doing what they can to move towards a sustainable future.

This is what really fuels her passion!


A fun fact about Cirqlate

Charlotte often receives comments about how imaginative and inventive her business is!

From jewellery made out of recycled coconut can ring-pulls, right through to mats crocheted from recycled bed sheets.

All Cirqlate’s products are created from second-hand, discarded and thrown-out materials. A business where creativity and imagination come naturally.

More on Cirqlate

To see more about this artisan, upcycle business, you can visit them online here, on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.

Cirqlate also have pop up stalls at a range of markets throughout the year. You can keep up to date with their next local market here.


Photos by Cirqlate. Layout by 485 Design.