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Business Systems

Is the way you are doing things in business the best possible way?

After years of rolling out integrated business systems, this is what we know. Most business owners come to us after having chosen a software solution and ask us to show them how to use it, or to fix a clunky DIY software implementation.

Two Key Business Systems Questions

Most business owners have failed to answer for themselves, two fundamental questions:

  1. Is the way we are doing things the best possible way?
  2. What is the ideal software solution to support the best possible way to do things?

Missing these two questions is why we start with a System Discovery.

The way we do business systems is so software solutions work and deliver real value.

Our Take on Business Systems

We view every aspect of how you do business as part of a business system that can be managed and improved.

A business system is really just a grouping of all your checklists, step-by-step procedures and process flows that work together to achieve an end result. These components can be either partially or wholly enabled by software, to guide your team members through the best possible way of doing things.

Ultimately the business system does the work, and your people (yes, humans) run the system.

Creating an effective business system is the best way to produce results that consistently benefit your clients, and remove reliance on you and other key people in your business.

By improving your whole business system, not just the software in use, your team can improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Here’s what we see unfold for business owners, managers and directors:

Increase in client satisfaction
Improvement in individual team member performance
Team members are able to solve process problems on a consistent basis
Ability for team members to work independently and become better organised
Overall reduction in costs and increase in profitability

Business systems can empower the individuals in your business and also enhance team collaboration and communication.

Without a doubt, what we see time and time again is that effective business systems improve daily performance and free up business owners and managers in small and midsize organisations.

Our Approach to Business Systems

Every month we customise and implement business systems to meet the needs of private and not-for-profit organisations.

We use software and sometimes hardware technology to improve an existing business system.

For us, each business system project is two parts. First we do Discovery, and then if you choose to go ahead we do Implementation



We discuss your needs and wishes. Review your current processes and software in use. With an understanding of your process requirements we identify gaps, and system criteria.

Often we visit and run a Demo for your key people. Available software options are then presented and a recommendation for your business is made.

The investment decision is left to you. You get to make the best cost/benefit call for your business.

We then provide an Action Plan so you can complete the business system implementation.

The Action Plan enables you to DIY or opt for a paid implementation.



Based on your Action Plan, the system set up takes place. It involves customisation, testing and fine tuning.

When the system is ready, training is scheduled. Your team may need group training, one-on-one training or a combination of both. We tailor training to suit your team.

Soon enough it is system handover time. You take control and go live.

We provide support in person and virtually, as and when you need it in the first 90 days. Here as your go-to for any tricky questions and until the new business system becomes familiar. With daily use, it never takes too long.

Our Business Systems Clients

We put business systems in for business owners, managers and directors who are running, leading and overseeing a team in an established small or midsize organisation.

These business people place a high value on improving people’s lives, and have a strong service based ethos that infuses the way they do business.

The way a business system works for their team and for their clients is really important. It’s more than function. It’s also look and feel.
Our business system clients come from the following industry sectors.


Land & Building Surveyors

Building & Construction

Engineering & Fabrication

Branding & Creative Agencies


Software We Use for Business Systems

We currently work a lot with Podio, WorkflowMax and Xero, and know which of the add-ons are value for money. We’re also very familiar on alternative software and can walk you through what we know for the industry sectors above, if you choose to work with us.

I can’t thank the team and the team enough for their service, expertise and patience over the past couple of years.

Clint Meldrum, Go Graphics

A Little Ray of Sunshine are really easy to work with and communicative.

Jacqui Otago, Idler Engineering Service

A Little Ray of Sunshine turned on the light for our business!

Pippa Moodie, Aurenda

We are very happy with A Little Ray of Sunshine’s service and how they stay in touch.

Wayne Dufty, DNA Architects

A Little Ray of Sunshine assisted us with implementation and training, which was a very smooth process.

Julie Dennis, Media on Mars

More Questions About Business Systems?

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You can also read about WorkflowMax or common business systems FAQs here.

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