Business Story: Maria Doyle

Meet Maria Doyle

Have you ever sat through a training course which has made you fall asleep? Maria Doyle is on a mission to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

Maria educates people on how to systemise their professional expertise, skills and knowledge into a broad range of educational products and services. Such as workshops, online courses and coaching packages.

She assists in helping her clients create quality learning experiences for their clients. Which in turn will help them build real change in their lives. Building a referral based business that sells itself – is what Maria prides herself in.

Maria Doyle’s Business Story

Maria had previously worked in the education and training sectors both internationally and in Australia. With close to 20 years’ experience, she has worked in nearly every type of learning environment there is. Including schools, colleges, businesses, training councils, universities, private language schools, community centres and corporate environments.

With so many overseas adventures under her belt, she found it challenging to keep herself engaged and driven. It was then she decided to start learning about running a small business and hired a business coach.

Maria then made it her life’s mission to take the lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations of this world that exist, both virtual and live, then transform them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences for people.

Maria is extremely passionate about teaching, learning, travelling and helping others be better at what they do.

What makes in all worthwhile for Maria?

With her days always being different, it is one of the many perks she loves about being self-employed. 

Maria works with a broad range of professions including but not limited to those in the health and wellness, construction, business, leadership, financial, technology, international development, emergency services, graphic design and photography industries.

What really puts a smile on Maria’s face is being in the classroom giving face to face teacher training workshops in schools and organisations. Seeing people’s face light up as they learn delivers a very satisfying feeling.

A fun fact about Maria Doyle

Maria’s first business idea was in direct competition with a university, unbeknown to her. She only became aware that the university was in the same space, after 18 months of hard unpaid work and thousands of development costs in the week she went live. So she ditched the idea and started again. Two years on, she has not looked back!

More on Maria Doyle

Maria is on Instagram, Facebook and of course her informative website.

She also has a very educational resource library full of webinars, tutorials, activities and worksheets to help professional create quality learning experiences! You can check it out here.

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