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Business Workshops


Business Workshops are a quick way to plug-in and gain a better perspective. Develop new skills. Boost your knowledge. Grow the confidence to make change and take action to move your business forward.


Photography Supercharged

How we all wish upgrading your camera automatically upgrades your photography. You’ve probably discovered this isn’t the case!

In this workshop you learn the stuff you can’t buy from a camera store, and you will wish you had learnt years ago.

These are important ingredients that will make your photos stronger whether you’re using your iPhone or a serious DSLR setup.

It’s time to upgrade your way of seeing and learn the skills that allow you to find and create outstanding photos.

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Q&A Business Session Blackboard Style for Professional Services Business Owners

You have a burning question or few about your business and need answers. These Q&A sessions are for your general business questions and can provide you with an honest and valuable answer.

In an informal setting we’ll run a 3-hour Q&A Business Session blackboard style in a small group. We’ll give you a yummy dinner and answer those darn rumbling business questions.

Doing Q&A in a small group can be just as illuminating and motivating, and can help you to quickly upgrade the way you are doing things. Learning just one new thing you can action the same day can make a difference.

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