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Business Consulting

Business Consulting for Boards, Directors and Managers of well-established service delivery businesses with aspirations to move through growth wobbles and create a more sustainable business position.

You wish to step it up and do the old things in new ways. Together we can illuminate your business’s people and performance potential, identify new business drivers and set you in the right direction to deliver powerful results.


Business Consultants With Solid Experience And Fresh Eyes

Our Business Consulting team are commercially astute and seasoned in their professional fields.

Through fresh eyes we look at your current state. We then imagine how to do the old things in new ways.

We sharpen your business strategy. We support you to evolve and innovate. The desired outcome is always to realise a more sustainable and profitable business position.

We work closely with Boards, Directors and your Management team to provide insight and enhance your ability to deliver results.

Our industry experience includes service delivery businesses in Health, Wellness & Fitness, Creatives, Hospitality, Accounting, Architecture, Building, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction.

We’d love to share client details and stories, and can’t for confidentiality reasons. And the truth is most of our business consulting clients prefer to keep us a secret.

Business Consultants Who Are ‘People’ People

As Business Consultants we wear many hats when we work with you. From specialist provider, mentor, sounding board, independent observer, team motivator, change agent, facilitator, adjudicator, and devil’s advocate.

We are exceptionally good communicators. We’re honest and to the point. It needs to be like this from the beginning so we can work in sync with you.

We work to strengthen your core team of managers as you lead a business through transformational change. We know being successful in business boils down to people and performance potential.

For change to stick, it is imperative we start by engaging your people (behavioural change). Once we have your team pulling in the same direction, it is the perfect time to optimise your systems (process and technology change).

We guide you through opportunities, challenges and choices and provide you with the tools you need to move forward successfully.

Start with Business Immersive

From January 2018, the only way to start working with us is a Business Immersive.  This allows us to quickly dial into your business issues, and following this provide further business consulting support if need be.

Business Consulting Service

Based on an agreed project scope, our business consulting service is a working relationship with the key people involved in the project.

We work in sync with Directors, Managers and teams. We lean forward our expertise to boost your ability to achieve powerful results.

We meet regularly and stay in contact via teleconference, phone and email to progress action plans.

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