Illuminating Potential

Illuminating what really matters to brighten your business outlooks

Typically, people who’re experts in a chosen field other than business, don’t have the same level of expertise when it comes to running a business. And why would you?

If you’re to nail the business space too you’d probably become a business consultant. (And then we’d be looking for work)

You’ve got the chops to do something amazing in your field of expertise; you’re just not feeling so great about the business stuff.

We work with good people passionate about what you do, and happen to be at the helm running a small and midsize organisation too. More on our Ideal Clients here.

You are an Owner, Manager, or Director, and instinctively know when you reach a stage where you are stuck. This can happen once or multiple times while you are in a lead role.

This is where we come in. In ‘stuck in a rut’ situations, our fresh eyes can make all the difference.

We know how to build humming and valuable businesses and love doing it. It’s our thing.

A Little Ray of Sunshine is a business consultancy that illuminates hidden potential in established small and midsize organisations with a strong service ethos (it’s about people).

Our reason for being is to illuminate the potential in businesses and raise human spirit.

We can strengthen you in your role by providing the business acumen and unwavering support that you need to take action, and move the organisation forward.

We want you to be great in business.

Being great means better outcomes for your employees, your customers, your suppliers and the community in which you operate.

We see this as our contribution to people, the community and the planet, from our small corner of the earth.

The whole human ecosystem is enhanced. It’s a beautiful thing.

How we illuminate potential

Our consulting approach is built on knowing a few key things about business;

• How to stay energised in your role as Owner, Manager, or Director

• How to make job role choices as Owner, Manager, or Director

• How to build a humming and valuable organisation

We have developed ways of working that are simple, cut through and deliver results. You can read all about our service offerings here.

We apply our expertise specifically to your situation, and tailor-make each client approach.

While we’re small in size, we shine brightly in what we do. We enlighten with knowledge and know-how developed over a collective 135+ years. We may also choose to call on our trusted co-workers and collaborators to help highlight the best path forward.

Step by step how we do it

We ask for permission to look at your business carte blanche.

Granting us unfettered access to your business may lead you to feel vulnerable.

We’re always gentle and respectful on entry. We’re well aware most clients will feel some degree of ‘business nudity’.

In all honesty, the faster we get to this point and get you comfortable, the faster we can help you to see a solution.

We distill what we observe back to basics.

We’ll talk to you about what we see current day internally in your business, and externally in the marketplace.

We give you feedback that is candid and real. Sometimes you won’t like hearing what we have to say. It may hurt or make you mad. It’s never a judgement.

We know how darn hard you work. We’re always going to be on your side, on your team, in your camp and our job is to point out where you can improve to strengthen.

We envision a future.

Based on what we know about you, your team, your business capabilities and the market opportunities. We couple this with knowledge and know-how on how to grow valuable service-based organisations.

We have provided business consulting in this space to more than 350+ individual entities since 2003. We have changed people’s lives and it compels us to continue to do what we do.

Most clients like to see us as the secret weapon, and don’t choose to speak publically on our behalf. And that’s okay. After 15 years we’ve got used to being the covert special ops team!

We recommend how you can lead change.

We map out the most effective path forward. There may be some degree of pain associated with the change, depending on the results you need.

You’ll likely need to have a strong communications plan to support the organisational change process, to lead your team through.

We can support you to focus and achieve results.

We’ll support and monitor your action plan progress in a caring and considerate way. We keep you focused and accountable.

When you get to this stage it’s crucial that you bank results. We’re expensive to engage (or so we’re told), so we’re vested in seeing your achieve too.

Big, seemingly impossible problems can be fixed.

Typically, the big issues are people related. May be your choices to date as the Owner, Manager, or Director have not resolved these big problems and they are suspended somewhere mid-air. You are unnerved about them resurfacing.

We’ll show you why there are big issues, and how you can lead change to move through them. It may not be easy every step of the way; we’ll always have your back.

We have lived through business lifecycles

All the people we work with are incredible individuals. There is no doubt.

Not many though have lived through a business lifecycle in their role. Within our team, we offer a collective 135+ years of practical experience. We have lived in each stage of the business lifecycle from early year’s survival, to success, to take-off, to maturity.

Our team has solid business experience and from day one we know exactly how to help you. We instinctively know where to look to uncover your people, system and performance potential.

We focus on People, Systems and Performance

Business boils down in the simplest terms to getting the best value contribution from your people and systems. Sometimes you are not playing to people’s strengths. Sometimes you don’t have your business systems nailed.

Untapped potential always exists.

Often it just takes set of fresh eyes to confirm it.

People love the way we can provide clarity in the sea of business opportunities, challenges and choices.

We’re responsible for every piece of work we do for our clients. We outsource some highly specialised elements to people we know, like and trust. They help us guarantee the highest quality, so that’s how we roll.

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