Illuminating Potential

For the Good of People, Community and the Planet

Our shared values define how we work and who we work with.

• Love What We Do. Our hearts and positivity drive us, even on tough work days.

• Be the Change. Open, we listen. From kindness, we communicate. We evolve.

• Together. We are a high performance team, through the lens of good for people and the planet.

• Keep It Simple. Singular focus always. We demystify, and remove complexity.

• Live a Whole Life. We set life & work boundaries, and self-manage the balance.

Live a Whole Life

For us, being at work or in business is a part of the life we live. Just one part of our life equation. One fifth to be precise.

We view being at work or in the business through the ‘lens’ of a Life Model, pictured below.

The model has five Life Areas:

1. Work/Business & Family Finances

2. Physical

3. Inspiration

4. Contentment

5. Sleep

Ideally our daily, weekly, monthly focus on Work/Business & Family Finances isn’t all consuming.


We truly believe our lives shouldn’t be ALL about work.

We strive to observe and maintain a presence in each Life Area daily. We honour ourselves daily using the Life Model as a framework. It works to energise us for all aspects of life, and importantly gives us ample energy for work we love doing.
We know we are better equipped to deal with our daily life/work challenges if we choose to live by the Life Model. We have trialed, tested and tweaked our approach for the last 15 years. We share our observations and insights regularly with our client base.
We also encourage clients to adopt it. Read more here.

Deep Appreciation for People

Observers and practitioners in this space for years now, we can definitively say the most important thing a business owner or leader can understand, are people.

People buy from people. People work for people.

When we study how people interact with businesses and work in businesses, we see the values, beliefs, and behaviour patterns that we can work with to improve a business.

Being in business is about getting people. Knowing people at a deep level.

We do what we do for the good of people.

Business as a Living System

It is people that make our business a living, breathing, energetic system capable of surviving.

We view being in business through the ‘lens’ of a Business Model, pictured below.

This Business Model is holistic.

It’s anchored in relationships with people: customers, suppliers, team members and the communities we have footprints in.

It’s all about the experience that we create for our customers, suppliers, staff and the communities we have footprints in.

If we can consistently create a stand-out experience that people will talk favourably about, we win. The financial reward will flow. You can read more here.

In order to create a profitable, long-term business and an evolving business story, we need to maintain and continue to build strength in the relationships with our customers, suppliers, staff and the community in which we operate.

A business in this sense can be nourishing and sustaining, for people, the community and the planet.

Short Sprints and a Marathon

As a living system the business vehicle mirrors life; there will be ebbs & flows. That’s part of the journey.

Life in business is a series of daily learnings and periodic step changes. When we zoom in, we see them. This is daily life in business.

We live a series of never-ending 90 day sprints.

We only really see an upward trajectory when we zoom out, on reflection. Reflection is incredibly important for motivation. It’s the visible trend line spanning the long journey that keeps us going.

It is a marathon, business. That’s what we all consciously commit too. Our test ultimately is using the Life Model to remain positively engaged.

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