Illuminating Potential

Our ode to those crazy enough to be in business

We get you. This is not a choice. It’s a calling to make life on earth mean something.

It can be hard yakka both physically and emotionally. An endless ride of human tenacity and resilience mixed with those mixed feelings of doubt, anger, fear, anxiety, and despair.

There’s always a risk of public and private failure. Others doubt. They may judge, criticise, socially murmur and disapprove. When you’re multiple years in, you don’t care.

You find a way. You set the rules. Figure out what is best. Move forward. You go, and keep going. Never one to rest on the comfort an achievement affords.

You dare to stand up. Use your voice. Be vulnerable. Be different. Take a chance. Accept the consequences.

You use business as a vehicle for change. To do good. Make a dent in the universe. Like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Apple. Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Johannes Gutenberg’s print press.

You believe in people. In working together. Checking egos at the door. And that the warmth of human spirit has the ability to unite.

Life is a duality. There is a life of happiness and a life of meaning. The life of happiness calls first. In the everyday you seek more joy, to fill up and contentment. When the life of meaning calls, it is a higher level calling. Intrinsically wired, you are compelled to make a contribution.

You’re not crazy. You are a change maker.

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