Illuminating Potential

Ideal Clients

Seeking Business Acumen

We know our clients as change makers with a strong service ethos. Clever business owners who are very good at their thing in their chosen field; and self-confess they don’t have the same level of expertise when it comes to running a business.

Run a Service-Focused Business

During their first point of contact, they let us know they are running and leading a team in an established small or midsize organisation, with a service focus.

By established, we mean:

  • the organisation has been operating for at least 3 full financial years and has financial reports that we can look at (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and may be an Annual Report if you need to produce one); and
  • there are usually other team members onboard.

Typically, they will have a job role title along the lines of Owner, Manager, or Director.

The organisation they work for is either privately held by owners or may be a not-for-profit. They are usually the beneficial business owner, or they head up a not-for-profit and report to a Board.

Have People & Planet Attitude

The organisations they lead all have one thing in common. They place a high value on improving people’s lives (and most times the planet gets an equal footing).

They are someone who is hoping to make a positive difference in the world.

Their organisation is likely to be in:

Architecture, Building, Engineering: Architects, Engineers, Building Designers, Builders, Painters, Electricians, Urban Planners, Surveyors

Health, Wellness & Fitness: Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Osteopaths, Masseurs, Psychologists, Counsellors

Creative: Digital Designers & Developers, Photographers & Videographers, Artists, Furniture Makers

Hospitality: Cafes & Restaurants, Accommodation

Needing the Right Fit

They are looking for help and are willing to put in the work in order to make their organisation succeed.

They are the kind of person who values strong, reliable and trustworthy relationships.

The single most important factor in a working relationship for them, aside from locking on to solid business acumen, is to feel some sense of connection.

The best way to find out if we are the right fit to is to get in touch. We can chat about what business help you believe you need.

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