Illuminating Potential

Co-Working Office

Our lovely riverside office is an old Fremantle building that oozes so much character. We share with the creative team at 485 Design, Photography Project, and Perth Product Photography.

We’ve been co-working together now for 10 years. We heart our big co-working team.

It is rare for us to work in isolation. We collaborate within the office walls daily, and it enhances our value offering to clients.

For us, being consultants and mostly logical and rational thinkers, we really appreciate the ability to test creative and visual ideas. Our bigger team happily oblige often over a lovely cuppa in the sun, in our cosy courtyard.

Kim Wood |
Branding & Graphic Designer

Kim Wood is our ‘in-house’ Graphic Designer with 15 years’ experience working with corporate, mid-size and small businesses. She is passionate about helping our clients develop their unique brand identity to raise their profile both online and offline. She works with us through her design consultancy, 485 Design.


Photography Project & Perth Product Photography |
Commercial Photographers

The team at Photography Project and Perth Product Photography have grown up and grown a business in the digital era. They don’t just take pictures for us. They are a creative bunch of visual communication specialists who collaborate with us to capture powerful and persuasive images time and time again. They make our client’s business and brands, look the absolute best.

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