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Experience-wise, we have worked in both privately owned businesses from a spread of industries and large publicly listed and leading global corporations.

Our varied experience enables us to offer robust business acumen and a broad polished set of business skills that we’d like you to draw from and put to good use in your business.

We have deep experience across the five pillars of business: Business Strategy; Marketing & Sales; Leadership, Teams & HR; Business Systems & Processes; and Financials.

Lisa Reed

Business Consultant | Chief Little Ray

Lisa shares a little ray of light to unite people. She has a unique ability to align a divided room. She is a ridgy-didge transformation change agent. With a solid commercial background and great people skills, she and her team can help transform a business to achieve powerful results.

She has been passionately creating, guiding and nurturing great, happy, healthy and profitable businesses for 25 years. She loves working from the start with permission from leaders to look in and uncover the essence of a business. Being able to see how a business is distinctive, is illuminating for many people, who have been in business for a long time. You do see your business in a new light.

From the bedrock of purpose, vision, values, brand, leadership, culture, engagement and innovation, she can help improve your business position, develop new strategy and implement through your people, processes and systems.

Lisa has co-authored a book with Mardi Palmer, called “The Business Mystic: A practical guide to being in business and having a life”.

She looks forward to lightening your load.

   Xero WorkflowMax Certified Advisors Business Consultants Perth Western Australia

Andrew Murray

Business Consultant | Genuine Problem Solver

Andrew is our genuine problem solver. He has the ability to observe and tease out the difficulties a business is facing, to get to the core of any situation. His manner sincere, honest, unaffected and he cares a lot about the people he is helping.

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in business roles. Working throughout Australia and internationally, in public and private sectors, across numerous industries. He has been General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Business & Quality Assurance Manager.

Hailing originally from the banking and finance industry, he’s been consulting with small and medium size businesses since 2003.

Well-versed in all aspects of finance, business strategy and operations management, his practical insight is invaluable to business owners.

Accustomed to working in a diverse range of environments, Andrew’s lateral thinking, leadership, people, and negotiation skills have also proved vital to those around him.

Take a business challenge and add Andrew’s authentic and aspiring attitude and you’ll get your problem solved.


Chris Valentine

Business Consultant | Fire Stoker

Chris pokes, stirs up, and feeds the fire in our business owners’ bellies. He can move with ease into a new business, understand the people, strategy, operational and financial issues, map processes, identify risks, recommend and deliver innovative system solutions.

Chris is our systems guy. He grew up in the corporate world and has a decade of experience under his belt in business improvement roles. He loves people, technology and processes and helping businesses.

Chris is a Certified PRINCE2® Practitioner. This really means he is a system and process guru! He uses process-based methods to ensure there are effective project management and quality systems in place in the businesses we work with to achieve more effective outcomes.

He is a really nice bloke and has a knack of connecting easily with people. He is an excellent communicator who can navigate comfortably with all stakeholders to provide a balanced approach to consultation, recommendations and implementation of business improvements.

We use Chris to fuel good fires!

Xero WorkflowMax Certified Advisor Business Consultants Perth


Rebecca Hall

Business Consultant | Hidden Gem

Rebecca is a treasured and polished operator who moves effortlessly into our client’s businesses to help with improvement initiatives. She is a change agent who has an uncomplicated way of managing a business, project or event from point A to B.

From managing complex multi-million dollar businesses to being instrumental in planning new business launches or periodic promotional events, she has an amazing capacity to manage a myriad of stakeholders through to a successful completion.

Bec is well regarded for her reliable, structured and organised approach. She also exudes personable warmth that allows her to understand and easily connect with her clients, colleagues and industry peers.

She held numerous strategy, operational and project management roles in the last 10 years in the legal and health services sectors, prior to venturing into business consulting.

Bec is a valuable consultant to have working back stage alongside you. She is our hidden gem!

Xero WorkflowMax Certified Advisor Perth Western Australia

Shelley Walsh

Business Consultant | Guiding Light

Shelley has navigated in rough seas for many a small business. With a vast understanding of the small business sector, she can identify quickly both a business’ strategic needs and its operational challenges. She is our guiding light for business owners.

Shelley is skilled in business finance, leadership techniques and the operational processes required in small business to drive outcomes.

She has a discerning ability to cut through the issues to identify the required outcome while always adopting a calm and considered approach.

Shelley has been a Finance Manager, an adult educator in Marketing and Finance, a Commercial Manager for one of Australia’s premier leadership consultancy’s and spent 6 years as General Manager of one of Australia’s best boutique hotels. She is a natural communicator and leader who thrives on challenges and problem solving.

Shelley will seek to not just understand, she will drive to provide illuminating solutions.



Tom Polich

HR Consultant | The Wicket Keeper

Tom is a good catch! We lured him out of semi-retirement because he can deal with any people issues, big or small. We let them all flow to him as the keeper.

Endearing honest, reliable and a fantastically knowledgeable resource. He is held in high esteem by our clients, his colleagues and peers. Tom is the people’s solutions driver. A major contributor in developing strategic directions for Human Resources in our business and our clients’ businesses too.

Tom also works alongside owners to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction is obtained from human capital investment. He can provide information as a coach and mentor to you and also your staff.

Tom has such deep workplace experience he is invaluable as our HR go-to-guy. He keeps things simple, removing complexities. He can turn his hand to everything in the HR area from Policy Development and Implementation, to Co-ordination of Training Programs, to Development and Implementation of Performance Review Systems, to Remuneration and Industrial Advocacy, and more.

Throw Tom anything HR, and he’ll sort it in a short innings for you!

Danielle Paparone

Marketing Assistant | Digital Marketing Doyen

Danielle has a love for words and the ever-changing digital world. When studying Journalism, Media and Communications at University, she nourished her fascination with all things digital marketing.

As our technology and word wiz, she has a healthy addiction for all things digital. She can effortlessly couple words and pictures to paint a business story.

Danielle invests hours understanding Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and relishes the opportunity to dive in and learn more about upcoming digital trends. She is also well across WordPress, Mail Chimp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat.

With all the hours in the digital realm, Danielle is developing a well-rounded understanding of return of investment for businesses in the digital space.

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