Illuminating Potential

We illuminate potential for greater good

A Little Ray of Sunshine is a business consultancy working with established  businesses with a strong service ethos. Our reason for being is to illuminate the potential and raise human spirit within individuals, so you may be great in business and achieve greater good.

We see this as our contribution to the planet, from our small corner of the earth. Being great in business, means better outcomes for your employees, your customers, your suppliers and the community in which you operate.

The whole human ecosystem is enhanced.
It’s a beautiful thing.


We have lived through business lifecycles

From little things, big things grow. We have seen a business grow successfully with our own eyes, many times over. Growth can be in vision, culture, your team, community base, sales and profits. We are driven to support the bright sparks out there in businesses who are looking for the right support to fuel your business greatness, improvement and growth.

All the people we work with are incredible individuals. There is no doubt.

Not many of you though have lived through a business lifecycle. Within our team, we offer years of practical experience in each stage of the business lifecycle from early year’s survival, to success, to take-off, to maturity.
Our team have solid business experience and from day one we know exactly how to help you. We instinctively know where to look to uncover your people and performance potential.

We focus on People and Performance

Business boils down in the simplest terms to getting the best value contribution from your people and performance. Sometimes you are not playing to people’s strengths. Sometimes you don’t have your business systems nailed. 

Untapped potential always exists.

Often it just takes a set of fresh eyes to confirm it.
Then from strategy to operational plans, we nurture enthusiasm and awaken greater confidence and accountability.
People love the way we can provide clarity in the sea of business opportunities, challenges and choices.
We work in sync with Boards, Directors, Managers, Business Owners, teams and our Coworkers and Collaborators who are akin.

We have worked with all sorts of businesses

In the last 15 years, we have helped 2,500+ Australian businesses. That is punching above weight for a small and boutique business consultancy like ours. We’re proud.

Business Consulting projects with our Collaborators with some of the biggest businesses in Australia including Alcoa, Iluka Resources, Woodside, Foster’s Group, BHP Billiton and Aker Solutions.

Business Coaching one-on-one with more than 50 astute business owners who are growing turnovers up to $100M, for an average period of 30 months.

Working from 2009 to 2017 with Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship to deliver their Growth Owner & Growth Manager Program workshops and mentoring sessions.

Developing and delivering business workshops and mentoring sessions, made possible in Australia by federal and state government funding:

  • Fremantle Chamber: Small Business Advisory Services
  • AusIndustry: Small Business Online Program
  • Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC): BizFit Program
  • SBDC: Business Workshops
  • WA Department of Finance Innovation Capability Development Program (ICDP): WA Business Online
  • Australian Department of Communications: Digital Enterprise Program – Melville

Across the many customer touch points, we do most of our work with service delivery businesses in Health, Wellness & Fitness, Hospitality, Accounting, Architecture, Building, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction.

We have a base in the vibrant port city of Fremantle

Our office is an old sandstone cottage overlooking the beautiful Swan River in East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. It’s a feel good place. We co-share with Photography Project, Perth Product Photography and 485 Design.
It’s an ideal space for inspiration, business strategising, planning, creating and collaborating. We’ve got a private consulting room that sits 4 people in comfy couches.
We also do a lot of our work these days using online technologies which means we are not tied to our location.

Our Professional Memberships

  • CPA Australia
  • Institute of Internal Audit Australia [IIAA]
  • Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Australia [CIPSA]
  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
  • Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
  • Economic Development Australia (EDA)
  • Fremantle Chamber of Commerce
  • Xero Partner
  • Workflow Max Partner

Untapped potential always exists

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