Illuminating Potential

A Little Ray of Sunshine can help brighten your business outlook

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a cloud over your business. Thank goodness for a little ray of sunshine.

We’re a bright thinking business consultancy working with established businesses with a service ethos. Our thing is chaperoning business leaders successfully through growth wobbles.

We help sharpen your focus from big picture business strategy, to easy operational action plans and daily priorities.

We work with you to upgrade business positioning, understand core capabilities, ideal clients, market opportunities, pricing, business development, systems and processes, people, teams, leadership and culture.

For us, relationship is key. We’re happy to journey with you for as long as it takes to get you on the right track. Whether it’s seeing you through a single season, or many, our commitment to your success is what A Little Ray is all about.

We nurture your enthusiasm, confidence and accountability so you can achieve business improvement, growth, succession or the sale of a business.

Curious to learn more? Let’s chat about how A Little Ray of Sunshine can brighten your business outlook. 

Business Immersive

The only path in to work with us. For owners, managers and directors running established businesses who know they need help. We’ll roll from start to end within 4 weeks.
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Business Systems

We customise and implement business systems for established small and midsize organisations. We’ll start with Discovery, and then do an Implementation including training.
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Strategic Plan

A big picture direction so you can clearly articulate where the organisation is going. This is a sizable time commitment, investment and change undertaking for midsize businesses.
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Meet the Team

We’ve worked in both privately owned businesses and large publicly listed and leading global corporations, across a range of industries. 
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Love Projects

We’re choosing five special businesses in 2018, who feel they could really use some business help. Enter to win a Business Immersive.
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Big picture thinking, planning, collaborating and creating

We’re based in an old sandstone cottage overlooking the beautiful Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. It’s an ideal space for big picture business thinking, planning, collaborating and creating.

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